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Targeted Intrusions

You will learn:

  • Which adversaries are targeting your industry
  • What tools, techniques and capabilities are utilized by these adversaries – and how to recognize them
  • How current trends within the global threat landscape apply to your organization
  • Steps you can take to proactively defend against adversaries targeting your organization
  • Brian Kelly

    “The ability to prevent the most sophisticated attacks, that’s where CROWDSTRIKE really shines.”

    Brian Kelly | CSO, Rackspace
    Erik Hart

    “By putting all the computing power it normally takes to analyze security data up into the cloud, CrowdStrike can correlate data across multiple clients to discover emerging threats and build protections against them almost instantly. That’s huge for us. Falcon’s ability to harness the power of the crowd and of the cloud to protect organizations is tremendous.”

    Erik Hart | CISO, Zebra Technologies