These ransomware myths are misleading you — read the truth below and learn what you can do to stay protected.

What can you do TO STAY PROTECTED?

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“Our small business is not a target for cybercriminals”

71% of ransomware attacks target small businesses.1

Small businesses are known to have vulnerabilities. Attackers can gain access to your entire supply chain, all your customers, and partners.

Learn how to protect your business

“I’m protected with my current IT resources and legacy antivirus”

Legacy and free antivirus solutions only protect you from known malware attacks.

This leaves your company vulnerable while adversaries continue to evolve.

Take actionable steps against ransomware

“I can bounce back from a ransomware attack”

60% of SMBs in the U.S. that experience cyberattacks go out of business within six months.2

When cybercriminals hold critical data for ransom, your business is effectively shut down.

6 steps to avoid ransomware threats

“Cybersecurity solutions aren’t attainable for a business of my size”

Cost is relative to size, but the impact is even

A wide variety of solutions are available for a
business of any size.

Start protecting your business

What can you do now?

Download the guide 6 Steps to Protect Your Small Business from Ransomware with changes you can make today to protect your business from ransomware attacks.

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