On-Demand Webinar: Don’t Get Pinched by eCrime

How law firms and insurance companies can defend against the modern eCrime ecosystem


Over the last 15 months, law firms and insurance companies became high value targets of eCrime actors. Pinchy Spider, Carbon Spider, and Indrik Spider have identified the law firm and insurance industry as attractive sources to exfiltrate and extort intellectual property; subsequently leading to the weaponization of data for ransomware deployments.

Moderated by Tim Parisi, Director of Incident Response at CrowdStrike, this webinar offers perspective into law firm and insurance company incidents, specifically analyzing the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures of Pinchy Spider, Carbon Spider, and Indrik Spider. CrowdStrike’s Incident Responders, Heather Smith and Josh Dalman, will join MOXFIVE’s Technical Advisor, Jeff Chan, to examine these various Spider eCrime groups and provide insights on how to prepare and optimize efforts during an IR and recovery engagement.

It can all be overwhelming, but fortunately CrowdStrike and MOXFIVE are here to help. Join us on Tuesday, May 25th at 3:00 PM EDT to learn how to prepare to meet these challenges.

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  • Pinchy Spider, Carbon Spider, and Indrik Spider and other eCrime adversaries and their tactics used against law firms and insurance carriers
  • How CrowdStrike & MOXFIVE work together to help law firms and insurance companies to recover from these threat actor attacks and identify root cause
  • Ransomware preparation - Best practices for an organization’s Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Response Planning