Identity Threat Protection Live Attack & Defend Demo


Join the Asia Pacific Falcon Complete Team for a Live Demonstration focused on Identity Threat Protection (ITP). We will take you through a scenario-based Identity Threat Protection Demo from both attack and defend viewpoints, simulating a Kerberoasting attack.

Why are we focusing on identity? Unfortunately, identity-driven attacks are extremely hard to detect. When a valid user’s credentials have been compromised and an adversary is masquerading as that user, it is often very difficult to differentiate between the user’s typical behavior and that of the hacker using traditional security measures and tools.

This attack will simulate both the initial foothold, credential harvesting and lateral movement, showcasing the Falcon Complete workflow from both ITP and Falcon and how this capability works together, helping customers against modern attacks by defending both the Endpoint and Identity in a single platform.

This live demonstration is a great opportunity for deep insight into an adversary’s methods and mindset, and also the defensive techniques and tools you can use. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the people behind Falcon Complete, who are on the frontline tackling these security challenges day-to-day.



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Scott Jarkoff is the Director, Strategic Threat Advisory Group, APJ & EMEA for CrowdStrike, and is located in Tokyo, Japan. Scott directs CrowdStrike’s APJ threat intelligence business, serving on a global team entrusted with empowering sales of the Falcon X and OverWatch solutions. He regularly advises and guides customers on methods for operationalising and integrating threat intelligence and threat hunting within a holistic cyber security and intelligence strategy. Scott is frequently interviewed by Japanese media, conducts a diverse array of threat landscape briefs, and provides presentations at various international security conferences and events. Prior to joining CrowdStrike, Scott worked at McAfee Japan for six years, and worked in cyber security and intelligence for the US Department of Defense for twenty-three years.


Nick Lowe is Director, Falcon OverWatch at CrowdStrike. Nick is a senior cybersecurity expert and thought leader with a security career spanning 16+ years in which he has worked in both a technical and leadership capacity in global SOC operations and IR and threat hunting roles. In his current role, Nick leads global teams of elite threat hunters and security researchers focusing on proactive hunting, strategic intrusion analysis, research and tactical intelligence generation associated with targeted nation state and eCrime intrusion activity. Nick holds multiple industry certifications and a Masters Degree in Information Systems Security.