Streaming observability at scale for real-time threat detection and analysis

Humio’s index-free log management platform delivers greater insights across your entire infrastructure

29th July 2021 | 10:00 am BST

Humio’s modern log management platform was developed to provide complete visibility across complex systems in real time, and at scale. The ability to search, alert, and visualize live data across all applications, systems, and departments allows ITOps, DevOps, and security teams to quickly identify an issue before it impacts the end user. Humio also allows organizations to cost- effectively log everything to provide security teams the data needed to eliminate blind spots and quickly detect and remediate any threat.



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Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why there was a need for a new solution in log management
  • What to expect from a modern log management platform
  • What makes Humio different from a traditional solution
  • How to arm your security team with live streaming log data at scale to optimize threat detection, analysis, and remediation

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