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The cyber landscape is more complex than ever because life in the age of COVID is more complex.

We work from an office, kitchen table or car, using multiple mobile devices, both work and personal. We connect to applications that reside inside our organization or in the cloud. We are always on – but so are our adversaries.

The recent Cybersecurity Executive Order calls on agencies to move to the cloud while accelerating zero trust. Embrace flexibility while trusting no one – it’s a tricky balance. Modernization is a non-negotiable for agencies navigating this reality.

CrowdStrike’s Fal.Con for Public Sector 2021 offers some clarity to the complexity. Join leaders and decision makers across public sector, education, and industry as we discuss how to protect and manage our growing data volumes, accelerate zero trust strategies, harness the latest threat intelligence, and strengthen supply chain security. Engage with public sector leaders as they debunk cloud security myths and share their proven secure cloud adoption approaches.

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Blueprints for Secure AWS Workloads eBook

While cloud adoption has skyrocketed, many security postures are still stuck in the past. Extending legacy, on-premises security tools to work in the cloud has proved to be inadequate, leaving cloud architects and DevOps teams without a clear blueprint for securing applications, workloads, and infrastructure.

In this eBook, learn how you can establish a strong security foundation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and CrowdStrike and receive centralized and automated management of threat alerts, plus much more.

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