Falcon Complete: Identity Threat Protection Live Attack & Defend Demo



Join the APJ CrowdStrike Falcon® Complete Team for a Live Attack & Defend Demo focused on Identity Threat Protection. We will take you through a scenario-based Identity Threat Protection (ITP) Demo from both attack and defend viewpoints.

Why are we focusing on identity? Identity-based breaches form the basis of most current ransomware attacks, because they can bypass traditional kill chain responses by directly leveraging compromised credentials to move rapidly and laterally across the environment.

This attack will simulate both the initial foothold, credential harvesting and lateral movement, showcasing the Falcon Complete workflow from both ITP and Falcon and how this capability works together, helping customers against modern attacks by defending both the Endpoint and Identity in a single platform.

This live demonstration is a great opportunity for deep insight into an adversary’s methods and mindset, and also the defensive techniques and tools you can use. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the people behind Falcon Complete, who are on the frontline tackling these security challenges day-to-day.



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Meet the experts who will take you through this demo:

  • David Clarke - Falcon Complete Lead
    One of our Falcon Complete Leaders, David brings with him over ten years of experience working in various IT Security and Operations environments.

  • Justin Allen - Falcon Complete Lead
    A three year veteran of CrowdStrike, prior to that Justin spent over ten years with the Royal Australian Air Force working as an engineer in cyber security incident response.

  • Daniel Parker - Principal Analyst, Falcon Complete
    Dan has been a part of our Falcon Complete team for two years now and sits as one of our Principal Analysts. He brings a background in SOC Incident Response and Monitoring as well as over ten years in the industry.

  • Brendan Yaun - Senior Analyst, Falcon Complete
    Brendan joined CrowdStrike as a Senior Analyst for Falcon Complete last year. Prior to joining CrowdStrike, he spent nine years in the Australian Army, before joining the Department of Defence as a Cyber Security Specialist.