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3 Reasons WhyCustomers Choose CrowdStrike Over Symantec


Better Protection

CrowdStrike offers the ideal replacement for outdated legacy technology. CrowdStrike Falcon’s Threat Graph powered prevention and detection utilizes trillions of data points combined with machine learning, and behavioral analytics to protect customers against the entire threat lifecycle.

Additionally, CrowdStrike’s team of elite, human threat hunters work 24/7, proactively searching for stealthy threats that technology alone cannot unearth.

Broader Prevention Capabilities

Better Performance

CrowdStrike delivers protection via the single lightweight Falcon agent and cloud-native platform.

Thousands of customers just like you choose CrowdStrike’s Falcon Platform to consolidate security products, eliminate agent bloat, and eradicate the unnecessary burden of on-premise infrastructure.

Harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence reduces the frequency of incidents and time to remediation.

Broader Prevention Capabilities

Immediate Value

Unlike legacy and infrastructure vendors, the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform delivers every feature and capability through a single agent which is deployed and managed from the cloud, protecting your users wherever they are, and giving you an immediate boost to your security posture. Built in the cloud, the Falcon Platform requires no scans, no reboots, no signatures, and eliminates complexity to stop breaches in any environment.

Broader Prevention Capabilities

Compare CrowdStrike to Symantec

CLOUD Single lightweight agent delivered by one cloud-native management console
COMPLEX MIX Multiple agents with multiple management consoles in a mix of local, cloud and hybrid.
SIGNATURELESS Advanced, signatureless protection from machine learning, behavioral analytics and integrated threat intelligence.
SIGNATURES Still relies on signatures and scans.
FULL ATTACK VISUALIZATION See all attack details in full context to quickly understand the threat.
ANTIVIRUS ALERTS Basic info about the blocked file, but limited context around the threat. Additional visibility requires additional product: Symantec EDR.
REAL-TIME RESPONSE Built-in capability to quickly contain systems and make a secure remote connection for fast investigation and remediation.
POLICY UPDATES Limited to blocklists and rules distributed by policy update. Remote response requires additional product: Symantec EDR.
INTEGRATED Alerts are automatically enriched with threat intelligence and malware analysis findings.
SEPARATE Requires two additional products: Symantec EDR and Symantec DeepSight Intelligence.

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Don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say:

Scott Stoops, Security Analyst | Ashland University Scott Stoops, Security Analyst | Ashland University Scott Stoops, Security Analyst | Ashland University

We don’t have an antivirus solution that’s waiting on signatures to be developed and pushed out. What we’ve got is that we’re part of a larger collection of organizations that are running CrowdStrike, so any data that we see gets fed back into the system and someone else will benefit from that knowledge. And it’s all because it is cloud-based.

Scott Stoops

Security Analyst Ashland University
Jason Rooks, CIO | Parkway Schools Jason Rooks, CIO | Parkway Schools Jason Rooks, CIO | Parkway Schools

When we engaged CrowdStrike, it was a complete 180. Now we’ve found that partner that will get us back to a stable operating point.

Jason Rooks

CIO Parkway Schools

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