Business Interruption Caused By Cyber-Attacks: Insurance, Impact and Technical Solutions

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Business Interruption Caused by Cyber Attacks Webcast featuring insights from Chubb, CrowdStrike & MDD

Wednesday 8th July at 10:00 BST

No matter if it is a large corporation or a small to medium-sized company: all companies can be the target of ransomware attacks that lead to business interruptions. In this case, company data is taken away or access to computer systems is blocked and only released again against payment of a ransom. Although attackers like to target larger companies as they can enforce high ransom demands, small and medium-sized companies are also frequently blackmailed.

This webinar will provide an overview and advice on how companies can protect themselves against ransomware attacks and avoid or mitigate potential business interruption scenarios. This webinar will also outline, if losses cannot be avoided, how losses due to business interruption are generally calculated, and highlight the potential financial consequences on the business due to often a relatively short business impact from a ransomware which can be significant, long term and far reaching to the insured business.

Register today for this webcast on Wednesday 8th July, 2020 at 10am BST and hear from the experts at Chubb, MDD and CrowdStrike as they walk you through the best procedures in ensuring you are able to secure your business for the future.

Gain insights into the following topics:
- Cyber Insurance
  o Market overview
  o Cover component "business interruption" - what to consider

- Effects of a business interruption impact
  o Sample calculation based on a loss event
  o Potential financial consequences and lessons learned

- Technical insights
  o Speed and efficiency in restoring normal operation
  o Next generation terminal protection as a preventive measure

Webcast Speakers:

Markus Heiss
Partner, MDD

Chris McMurray
Cyber Product Manager, Chubb

Patrick Magat
Regional Services Director, CrowdStrike


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