CrowdStrike Hacking Exposed

CrowdStrike Hacking Exposed Meet Up with Particpating Partner, Guidepoint Security
Join us in the afternoon to observe new attack techniques, defeat ransomware, spearphishing attacks and malware-free intrusions and test your elite hacking skills. 

Be Hacker Aware
Learn new attack techniques that have been uncovered by CrowdStrike’s threat hunting and incident response teams including: initial attack vectors, persistence, lateral movement and data exfiltration techniques. See new techniques for dealing with malware, ransomware, spearphishing, exploits and malware-free intrusions. Leave knowing how to identify and stop advanced threat activity in your environment.

Bring Your Own Attack
Using malware, exploits or other hacking tools, try to exfiltrate data from a system protected by CrowdStrike Falcon, a unified next-gen av, edr and managed threat hunting platform, delivered via the cloud. Win Beats by Dr Dre Headphones.

The Capital Grille - The Charm'tastic Mile, 500 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Tuesday, September 12 at 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Event Agenda

Networking Breakfast 
Commences at 8:30am
The Changing Threat Landscape - Jerry Dixon
Strategic highlights from our Global Threat Report 
Mind the Gap - Kieran Mongan
Defining cybercrime risk and creating a robust and adaptable security program framework.
Building a Resilient Incident Response Program - David Boda 
Building a program that can defend against a breach
Briefing Concludes 
Concludes at 10:30am. Followed by refreshments and networking

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Event Agenda

Registration 12:00PM

Lunch Served & Attack Demonstration Begins
Next Gen AV, EDR & Managed Threat Hunting: Seeing & Stopping Attacks
Bring Your Own Attack: Put Falcon Host to the test! Participants are invited to attack a system protected by Falcon Host. Attendees will get real time visibility into the attack and an understanding of how Falcon Host detects and prevents targeted attacks.  1:30PM
Event Close 2:00PM

Event Agenda


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