Three Rounds with CrowdStrike: Introduction To Professional Services


When you go into the boxing ring, it’s important not just to have the best preparation possible, but also to be ready to adjust your tactics and adapt to better defend yourself from attacks as they happen.

A great coach is there with you all the way, and this interactive ‘Three Rounds with CrowdStrike’ webinar will show you what it’s like to have CrowdStrike’s Professional Services Team in your corner.

Join CrowdStrike’s Head of APAC Services and Incident Response, Mark Goudie as he and his team take you through a real-world example of an attack unfolding, pausing along the way for your feedback and to show how different responses could have changed the course of the attack.

CrowdStrike’s Principal Red Team Consultant Mike Loss will rewind the incident to show how a range of exercises and activities could have better prepared your defense, and CrowdStrike’s incident response analyst team will cover various measures to fortify your cybersecurity practices and controls.

The session also explores some of the findings from CrowdStrike’s newly-released 2022 CrowdStrike Falcon® OverWatch Threat Hunting Report, providing real-world insight from the CrowdStrike Falcon® Overwatch team’s direct experiences in dealing with some of the adversaries, cyberattacks and breaches featured.


CrowdStrike Services

Delivers pre- and post-incident response (IR) services 24/7 to support you before, during and after a breach, with skilled teams to help you defend against and respond to security incidents, prevent breaches and optimise your speed to remediation.



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Meet our Speakers:

Mark Goudie

Mark Goudie is the Director of Services for Asia Pacific and Japan at CrowdStrike. He has over two decades of experience as an incident responder, programmer, security manager and network engineer. At CrowdStrike Mark is responsible for helping clients respond to incidents, hunt for intruders, secure their networks, and build more resilient infrastructure in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.

Mark has been awarded civilian citations for assisting law enforcement agencies in large and complicated criminal investigations that encompassed many legal jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies. His ability to see the big picture across multiple related incidents enabled law enforcement to apprehend and successfully prosecute a number of cyber criminals.

Mark holds a bachelor's degree in business, majoring in information technology from the Victoria University, and certifications from the Global Information Assurance Council (GIAC).


Anurag Khanna

Anurag Khanna is a Manager with CrowdStrike Services where he leads Incident Response and Consulting engagements in Asia Pacific and advises organisations when they are in midst of security incidents.

Prior to joining CrowdStrike, Anurag led multiple breach investigations and incident response engagements involving advanced adversaries for a wide range of industries. He has helped organizations develop cyber defence capabilities to protect against and respond to attacks. He is an instructor for the SANS institute and among a few cybersecurity professionals to have the GIAC Security Expert (GSE# 97) credential.


Mike Loss

Mike Loss has over 20 years of experience within the technology space, with a focus on offensive security in the last six years. He was previously part of Mandiant’s Red Team and CyberCX’s Security Testing and Assurance practice, where he led teams to work closely with multiple high-profile clients through red teaming, penetration testing and other security assessments.

Mike has presented at Kawaiicon, Purplecon, and BSides Canberra, speaking about red teaming, AD Group Policy, and hacking the electronic robotic toy, Furby.

In his free time he’s known to hand-wire custom keyboards and build LEGO masterpieces.